Entry #41

2015 was a blast! Thanks NG! <3

2016-01-02 01:30:01 by Yoshi-1up

2015 was such an amazing year. Let's make 2016 even better, Newgrounds!!

It was so awesome meeting a lot of you at conventions <3 Good times


Workin' with my pal CVAnimation that whole year! Luv ya dude, keep up the great work!
Shout-outs to my pals @Blordow, @MacTheActorAccana and @CharlesCBer~ :3

Thanks for all the support Tom Fulp! <3


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-Matthew Morandi (Yoshi-1up)


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2016-01-02 08:22:28

ho boy!!! it has been a ride indeed, and i ask Allah that 2016 will be a better year for everyone :)

but nevertheless keep up the good work and hope that we get more amazing things (like always) from you :D


2016-01-02 08:54:02

What he said...


2016-01-02 16:10:35

4 submissions last year. And 30 this year!?!?!? DAM SON!!!!!