E3 2015! We'll be there!

2015-06-14 01:00:57 by Yoshi-1up

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Hey guys! We'll be at E3 recording footage for the ESA(the owners of E3) and doing interviews, podcasts, and attending a lot of cool stuff... like a party hosted by Notch and Skrillex is DJing... yeah...

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But anyways- GOOD NEWS! We aquired 2 channels from our buddy Mykle Hunter! 1upTV has taken over SuperMariosChannel and SonicsChannel. We can't believe it!!

Check out the video right here!

Also, check out our latest toon by CVAnimation!

[Click here to watch 'Nintendo @ E3 2015' via NG]

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The ammount of quality animation cva is spitting out is incredible! Keep that shit up yo!