Post-PAX Prime 2014

2014-09-02 12:25:17 by Yoshi-1up

Yo! It was incredible meeting a lot of you at PAX Prime! Everyone is so awesome. Can't wait to see you all at the next expo.

Earthbound animation is 98% there. I will upload probably by the end of the week or next week.
Paul ter Voorde found the original Mario Reloaded .FLA so we can have a better version than what we were trying to do.

SMB3: Red-Hot Beatdown is now on Youtube! (Better on NG for 60fps)
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2014-09-03 10:06:52

Shit man, I remember watching Mario Reloaded as a kid. Feels like ages ago.


2014-09-03 20:26:45

*slow clap*
Sprite animation done RIGHT.
Who's sayin' its dead now, eh?