SMB 3 parody is on fire!

2014-06-16 02:13:09 by Yoshi-1up
Should be up in a week or something. Keep an eye out for it!
[My 10 year anniversary on Newgrounds, and for my website!] <3
1up-Island Sprites

I hope you all enjoyed E3. Was awesome checking out the new games. Smash Bros for 3ds/WiiU was a blast. So awesome seeing some of you there! Next time yo!



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2014-06-16 15:00:41

Sweet! Can't wait!! I'm happy that you're using the original NES sprites instead of the SNES sprites.


2014-06-17 10:42:44

the streets are fucking starving

Yoshi-1up responds:

lol wat


2014-06-17 16:18:53

Screenshots? that is SO 2005 *Dorky snort*

looking forward to it :)

Yoshi-1up responds:

I did a big Earthbound animation teaser. No one watched it :(